Season 3 | October 2022
Feb. 1, 2022

Day 1- The Forefront Radio- Black History They DON'T Teach You

Day 1- The Forefront Radio- Black History They DON'T Teach You

Why is it that the only black history we know from school is about Rosa Parks, MLK JR, Civil rights Era and Transatlantic slave trade. Its usually given only a mention during black history month to appease the masses.

Join us at The Forefront Radio as we discuss the Arab involvement in the East African Slave Trade. We expose hidden history this black history month  that is rarely discussed but only in educational and scholarly circles nor given to regular people during black history month.

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The Forefront Radio explores the vast history of the East African Slave trade. We discuss how blacks were taken by Arabs into slavery through out the diaspora. How did the Arabs assisted the descendants of the Greeks to enslave so called blacks? Why isn't this History taught during black history month nor in public schools? Does the Bible talk about Arab influence and terrorism? Find out by listening to this episode.

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