Season 3 | October 2022
Oct. 3, 2022

Day 1 - The Groove Suite Podcast - Outkast Rosa Parks

Day 1 - The Groove Suite Podcast - Outkast Rosa Parks

The C4Challenge has started season 3 for the month of October and Mr. Al Pete’s choice of podcast is The Groove Suite podcast! He participated in February 2022 with his personal podcast Clear Visions, but decided to use The Groove Suite this go ‘round! To begin the episode, Pete gives a rundown on what to expect in this new season, for the C4Challenge and for the podcast.

Pete’s first song of choice is a classic jam: ‘Rosa Parks’ by the Mighty Outkast. He shares some memorable moments from his college days at Savannah State University, and speaks on the possible differences of listening to ‘Kast in Georgia vs. Florida. He continues with a fun fact, the impact of the album in the music climate, and all in between!

Get ready to get 31 shows full of conversations about music! Enjoy and share with the tastemakers you know!




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