Season 3 | October 2022
Feb. 11, 2022

Day 10 - Sisters in Service - Neehatima Dowdy

Day 10 - Sisters in Service - Neehatima Dowdy

Day 10 - Sisters in Service - Neehatima Dowdy

Neeahtima Dowdy Bio

Neeahtima Dowdy is the creator and host of We’re Not Dead Yet: Women Rocking their Next Chapter, a YouTube series for and about women over 40, 50, 60 and beyond who are reinventing themselves, discovering new talents, and dreaming new dreams.

Neeahtima grew up singing and dancing, and as a teenager was an Apprentice to the Dallas Ballet. But having been raised by a single mom, “starving artist” was not an attractive career, so she chose to pursue another track and was a first-generation college student.

After earning a Bachelor of Journalism and working in both reporting and public relations in college, she enjoyed a career in a myriad of roles: writing, editing, corporate communications, branding, political campaigns, and finally a VP at a public affairs consulting firm.

Marriage and motherhood then took center stage, as she raised three busy red-headed children and managed the family enterprise. She, nevertheless, continued to use her skills in ways outside the family, from founding a mom’s group, to serving in church leadership, to creating and teaching a middle school musical theater group.

An habitual do-it-yourselfer, Neeahtima is known to design and sew an evening gown, refinish furniture, install landscaping, or build out an entire unfinished room.

After a couple of decades of taking pride ensuring that others flourish, Neeahtima is seizing this next chapter to dream her own new dreams and inspire other women to do likewise.



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