Season 3 | October 2022
Oct. 19, 2021

Day 19 - 757 Renaissance Man - Rothstein Beatz

Day 19 - 757 Renaissance Man - Rothstein Beatz

Let chop it up with the super talented Rothstein Beatz

Las Vegas producer Stanley Harris (better known as) Rothstein Beatz has already achieved more than he thought possible in his wildest dreams. Known as one of the hottest (and most talked about) producers on Clubhouse, his highly requested beats dominate the musical streets. 

As a creator, whichever project Rothstein works on, he brings innovation or a fresh perspective that drives most projects to success. This opened the door for Rothstein to work with Grammy Nominated Artist Trev Rich, Miesha of the award-winning singing group 702, and Amiss Omega, to name a few.

He is currently working with artists Naomi, Megan B, and Bran Tha Brain, with more on the list waiting. Rothstein says, “Normally I stay behind the scenes with artists only voicing my opinion when asked. Indeed, one may say it was Rothstein’s early work that initially caught the attention of many of today’s musical influencers. 

Rothstein has been featured on media platforms @Saycheesetv, @Blackaphillyatd, and more. Recently he was selected for the Producer spotlight on Streetz 87.7/102.1 FM Radio Show. Now Rothstein is an "On-Air Personality on Streetz 87.7/102.1 FM for the “Who's Cookin” show.

In 2020 Rothstein released the beat tape “The Cook Up 2” under his newly created label Casino Gang Records highlighting music production during the quarantine.

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