Season 3 | October 2022
Oct. 21, 2022

Day 20 - Sisters in service - Dominic Lawson

Day 20 - Sisters in service - Dominic Lawson

Dominic Lawson

-Co-Founder of OWLS. LLC

-Host of The Startup Life,

Black Is America, Beyond

Theory, and Recovery Replay


I'm a native Memphian that is dedicated to empowering people in an

effort to move society forward. Co-founded an educational consulting

firm, OWLS, LLC, with my wife Kenda Lawson. At Owls, we create

curriculum and provide professional development to schools, school

districts, non-profits, and corporations. Since 2016, I have been the

creator & host of The Startup Life Podcast giving our audience the

edge it needs in building their businesses and climbing the corporate

ladder. I've had the pleasure of interviewing Marc Randolph (Co-

Founder & First CEO of Netflix), Tom Golisano (Founder & Chairman of

Paychex), and others.

joined the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare familv in 2021 as a

podcast producer, editor, and host. Responsible for cultivating a

diverse slate of guests ranging from mental health experts to addiction

recovery professionals and beyond, he enjoys the challenge of meeting

the audience's expectations. I host the long-running series Beyond

Theory podcast that brings you in-depth conversations with firsthand

insights from the people on the front lines of mental health and

addiction recovery. On April 26th 2022. we launched the Recovery

Replay podcast journaling a personal story of recovery.

On February 1st 2022, I launched the Black Is America podcast

highlighting little-known African American figures and other stories.

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