Season 3 | October 2022
Oct. 20, 2022

Day 20 - The Groove Suite Podcast - Nine - Whatcha

Day 20 - The Groove Suite Podcast - Nine - Whatcha

Day 20 - The Groove Suite Podcast - Nine - Whatcha

Want feat. DJ Krate Digga

What do you get when you pair 2 DJs talk about a genre they love...90s Hip

Hop?? You get an episode filled with memories, educational gestures, and pure

greatness! Who doesn’t like to talk about The Golden Era of Hip Hop?? If you don’t, well

Mr. Al Pete and guest DJ Krate Digga will be corner eyeing you through the speakers

while you get this game!

Krate gives Pete some knowledge about how Hip Hop music circulated on the radio in

his hometown, Columbus, Ohio. Pete shares his lack of hearing Nine’s song ‘Whatcha

Want?’ on the radio...or even in his school hallways. They both reflect on their

experiences with HBCU Homecomings (Go Kentucky State and Savannah State).

There’s also more gems and jewels to pick up from brother Krate. Saying that he’s wise

is an understatement. 25 plus years of DJing, record collecting, and being a proud music

historian is a small tab of what you’re about to get.

Make sure you follow DJ Krate Digga at the information below! Also, check out his

segments from the C4Challenge, season 2! It’s THEE FUNK baby!

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