Season 3 | October 2022
Oct. 27, 2022

Day 24 - Black Is America - Guion Bluford (Preview)

Day 24 - Black Is America - Guion Bluford (Preview)

For Day 24 of the C4 Challenge, we celebrate United Nations Day. We also share our preview of Guion Bluford: An American Astronaut.

The Black Is America podcast highlights little-known African-American figures and stories. This podcast helps tell the story of America through the lens of the African American experience. Be prepared to hear stories of inventors, heroes, scientists, entrepreneurs, and so many more.

In Season 1, we feature the stories of Lt. John Fox, Marian Anderson, Wendell Scott, and more. In each episode, we also make mention of other exceptional African Americans that are related. Be prepared to be inspired and amazed with an engaging listening experience.

Welcome to Black Is America, where African American history is American history.

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