Season 3 | October 2022
Oct. 31, 2022

Day 28- Black is America- The Story of Tom Lee

Day 28- Black is America- The Story of Tom Lee

For Day 28 of the C4 challenge, we celebrate National First Responders Day, and with that, we share the story of Tom Lee.

In the season one finale of Black Is America, we share the story of Tom Lee. On May 8, 1925, when the M.E. Norman steamer suffered a catastrophic failure, Tom Lee saved thirty-two people from the Mississippi River. Fellow Memphian and historian Terri Stephens comes along for the ride to tell the tale of the humble hero.

In this episode, you will hear:

  • Why was Tom Lee on the river that day?
  • Why was it dangerous for Tom to attempt the rescues?
  • Why is May a fun time in Memphis?
  • How did Memphis repay his good deed?

Sources to create this episode come Memphis and Michael Finger beautiful piece be sure to read it as it has additional information about what happened that day. We have a link there in the show notes. NBC, WREG Memphis, WCNC Charlotte,,, and more. For a complete list, look in the show note of your podcast player or our website

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