Season 3 | October 2022
Oct. 28, 2021

Day 28- The Forefront Radio- Dirty Pastors

Day 28- The Forefront Radio- Dirty Pastors

What has modern religion done for communities of color? What has religion done for the modern world? We have been taught to become religious atheists or religious pagans, in fact we have been taught to not do anything that the bible actually teaches.

The Forefront Radio explores the infiltration of dirty pastors, priests, and monks. The antichrists (plural) are these false religions that have not taught the descendants of slaves that they are in fact the lost tribes of Israel.

 The relationship between modern religion and the brainwashing of the descendants of the diaspora is explained using Holy Writ and Articles. As well as the destruction of these false prophets in the Bible that God forewarned us of to remember to come back the the covenant of the Israelites. 

French admit church abused over quarter million victims.

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